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An independent member of Moore Stephens International Limited - members in principal cities throughout the world
In association with AKG MOORE STEPHENS RUS
Аудиторская ассоциация Содружество


IТ-strategy - an integral part of strategy of development of the modern company. Successful management of business means processing the information in a mode online, presence of effective toolkit for the analysis of the actual data on all directions of activity, and as result - operative decision-making. Key to the decision of these questions - automation of business - processes on the basis of the advanced information technologies.

Information consulting
  • Modelling and reengineering of business - processes;
  • Quality management ISO 9000;
  • Resource management of the enterprise;
  • Management of chains of deliveries;
  • Design management;
  • The administrative account;
  • Book keeping;
  • The tax account;
  • The financial account;
Technical audit (available only in Russian)

Information technologies of the account and management

  • The complex approach to transformations to business;
  • Program for:
  • Management of projects;
  • Modelling of business - projects;
  • Marketing management;
  • Management of logistic;
  • Production managements;
  • Managements of the finance;
  • Help and teaching materials;
  • Systems of document circulation.

NP Consult renders services on automation of book keeping and offices since 1992. One of affiliated companies - NP Compact - is franchisee of firm 1С.

We render the following services:

  • Diagnostics of the enterprise of the client in view of all aspects of a supply with information
  • Complex development of the information concept
  • Automation of book keeping with adjustment for specific features of the account of the client
  • Calculation of wages
  • Delivery of the information-legal systems containing the legislation of Russia, Moscow, the instruction of the State Tax Service, typical forms of contracts and contracts,
  • Automation of works at office with application of computer programs - appendices for Windows
  • The financial analysis of the enterprise in evident diagrams
  • Automation of trading activity

The enterprises with various forms of the account of trading activity. The firm possesses unique experience of development and introduction of techniques and the specialized program modules for automation of conducting the accounting and industrial account at the enterprises of various patterns of ownership and industries with the automated input of inventory forms, formation of the transfer act by reorganization of the legal person in the form of connection, formation of balances, lists of property, the rights and duties of the companies, maintenance of calculation of necessary financial parameters with an opportunity of planning and tracking of dynamics of changes in a section of the allocated companies, with the distributed processing the information, etc.

The company develops information-analytical models and the databases of economic activities realizing opportunities of input, storage and editing of values of parameters of business - plans in a section of the accounting periods, and also formations of the necessary analytical reporting about performance of plans, comparison of values of parameters on groups, on the accounting periods, export of the accounting information to appendices Microsoft Office for the subsequent processing. All this information can be submitted in the printed form. The list of reports and their structure can constantly replenish and change.

Attraction to works not only IT-experts, but also experts of NP Consult other specializations (auditors, appraisers, financial and administrative advisers, lawyers) allows to achieve optimum effect from automation of activity of the company - client.

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