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An independent member of Moore Stephens International Limited - members in principal cities throughout the world
In association with AKG MOORE STEPHENS RUS
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Experts of NP Consult save up system experience of development and application of the modern technologies allowing appreciably to increase the efficiency of controllability by the finance.

Since 2003 the company offers introduction of control systems by the finance of the enterprises on the basis of budgeting.

Thus the company adheres to the following key aspects:

  • Formation uniform for the enterprise of hierarchical structure of budgets in a binding to structure of a finance administration
  • Formation of a technique of the administrative account
  • Maintenance of information support of system of budgetary management as uniform base of analytical directories, bases industrial, normative financial and business - parameters
  • Maintenance of algorithmic support of system of budgetary management as system of automatic calculations of budgets, including the basic budgets of the enterprise
  • Maintenance of information interaction of systems of industrial and budgetary management, and also the accounting and tax account
  • Integration of systems of operative management of the enterprise (industrial, budgetary, accounting) in system of strategic management on the basis of system of key parameters of the efficiency reflecting all essential aspects of activity of the enterprise

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